Cuycha News

04.05.2011: Ilkka & Mari Nurmia of Cuycha Innovation travel for a second visit to South Africa. The formation of
two new companies will be finalized with our new partners and the ground work laid out for several CCN-projects to
break ground in a few weeks time. Also a second, high-level meeting in Botswana is planned.

14.04.2011: National phase, US published for WO/2010/000937

07.04.2011: WO/2011/039404 published

05.04.2011: Meeting with Finland's largest energy company Fortum

4.03.2011: Representatives from CircleLink Holdings and Cuycha Innovation travel to Botswana for a meeting at
the Ministry of Minerals, Energy & Water Resources. The CCN-process ties in with Botswana's policy of "clean coal" and the meeting is a resounding success.

19.03.2011: Ilkka & Mari Nurmia of Cuycha Innovation travel to South Africa to discuss the founding of a new
company called CircleLink Innovations to develop and market the CCN-process in the southern Africa region.

09.03.2011: National phase, EP published for WO/2010/000937

18.02.2011: Cuycha Innovation has begun a joint project with CircleLink Holdings of South Africa.
The project is a massive undertaking to reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions throughout the country.
Many other South African and international companies will be joining in this spectacular ECO-project and
there has been considerable interest in neighboring countries as well.